Wisteria Mornings

I've got a chapbook in the works! I'll be self-publishing it this summer, though I'm still hammering out the details. I'm trying to avoid using Amazon and am looking at other platforms on which I can sell a PDF version and (possibly!) a limited run of home-printed (zine style) copies. Updates about this will come… Continue reading Wisteria Mornings

The Patreon

I launched a Patreon! If you've liked my work in the past, especially my poetry, I suggest checking it out. I've got a tier for poetry specifically, at only two US dollars! There you can get exclusive access to poems before I publish them for the general public. Right now, that means poems that are… Continue reading The Patreon

Reclaiming Ownership of our Lives

When everything gets bad, and I mean really bad, and you’re thinking that you’re drowning and that there’s no way out and that maybe just maybe this is the end for you and that little voice in your head is telling you to end it all... don’t ignore it? Listen to the voice inside, because… Continue reading Reclaiming Ownership of our Lives

Line of Best Fit—The Raven Chronicles

This year marks the end of the Raven Chronicles as a journal and the beginning of their lifetime as book publishers. I've been aware of them for a while now, and wanted to be included among the other wonderful work they curate. When they posted their "Last Call" submission, I jumped on the chance; it… Continue reading Line of Best Fit—The Raven Chronicles